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MAVLink library for .Net

What is MavLink ?

MAVLink is a very lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for micro air vehicles. It is used by several autopilots and ground station software.

MAVLink Developer Guide

Why MavLink4Net ?

MAVLink already provides a generator for C# classes and dsuarezv improved MAVLink object generation for C#. So, why another implementation?

For the same reason as dsuarezv ( creator), see / Why is it needed ?


    • Target Platform .Net Standard
    • Options for generation (naming conventions, path, ...)
    • Reading MAVLink definition files using LINQ-to-XML
    • Code generation using CodeDOM
    • .Net Attribute for Metadata
    • NuGet Package


    Inspired by / Based on :

    • pymavlink (python MAVLink interface and utilities) by ArduPilot
    • (MavLink object generation for C#) by dsuarezv


    Source available here

    NuGet Packages

    Available on NuGet Gallery :