How to connect to Thomson DSC-523W IP camera

About Thomson DSC-523W IP Camera

Thomson DSC-523W is a PTZ 720P indoor Security Camera.

Product Page :

Live Streams URLs

Protocol : RTSP

Codec : H264 - MPEG4-A AVC

Resolution URL


640x360 rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip-address]:88/videoSub

Snapshots URLs

Format : JPEG

Resolution URL


PTZ Control

Use Foscam IPCamera CGI. (For more information, search "Foscam IPCamera CGI User Guide" in your favorite search engine)

URL Format : http://[ip-address]:88/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=[cmd]&usr=[username]&pwd=[password]

cmd Function
ptzMoveUp Move up
ptzMoveDown Move down
ptzMoveLeft Move to left
ptzMoveRight Move to right
ptzMoveTopLeft Move to top left
ptzMoveTopRight Move to top right
ptzMoveBottomLeft Move to bottom left
ptzMoveBottomRight Move to bottom right
ptzStopRun Stop run PT
ptzReset Reset PT to default position