I fell into computer science a long time ago, I was 12 or 13 years old.

My first computer was an Apple IIe. It had few softwares but one of them was decisive for the rest of my life... A BASIC interpreter, the beginning of a whole story... A passion that will not leave me anymore and which will become a few years later my job.

My first program

One of my first software allowed to calculate the distance to which the lightning had fallen.

The principle was simple, we pressed the spacebar when we saw the lightning, then we pressed when we heard the thunder, the software timed the duration and deduced the distance. (There was a version 2 when I discovered a formula that handles the air temperature)

I still remember my code sheets (it was not possible to save the code, so I had to copy it on sheets of paper and retyp it when I wanted to run it). So, when I wanted to use one of my programs, I had to anticipate (and avoid switching off my computer)

Teenage years

Time goes by, machines have evolved, languages, systems have multiplied, interconnected and gradually interfered with in our daily lives ...

Computer magazines are multiplying (and their CDs, the only sources at the time of sharewares and freewares...)

Many Linux... Slackware, RedHat, Mandrake... I think I have installed all the distributions that have passed through my hands. Have configured a thousand times an Apache server, Samba clients / servers, ...

Ah the era of Hacking / Phreaking / Cracking ... The phreaking using scripts for modem Olitec 56K (and corresponding phone bills that made my mother crazy and which brought me some problems ...)

Internet via analog modems and their characteristic sounds ... for the more affluent or companies, ISDN access ... I still remember spending whole days on the promotional multimedia booth in the malls to benefit from incredible throughput for the time (Between 64 and 128 kbps) ... then the ADSL in 512 kbps... Who remembers Netissimo? (I had subscribed to them because it was the only time to propose the Alcatel Ethernet modem) ...

The need to use Iomega Zip drives (plugged into the parallel port) to store more than 1.44 MB without going through a set of manipulations (compression / archive + split) ... 1 x 100 MB ZIP disk represents approximately 70 diskettes.

The first collaborative hosts (R.I.P. Mygale; -)) ... The WYSIWYG editors... FrontPage... Dreamweaver...WebExpert... Dynamic client side web pages thanks to javascript... Dynamic server-side web pages thanks to CGI...

I continued to build several other programs throughout these years : A member management program for my Taekwondo club written with Visual Basic... A resource reservation program (meeting rooms, overhead projector, ...) realized with python CGI scripts...

Embracing the professional world

I worked in several odd jobs : hotline technician at Stream International for Dell and Palm products, hotline technician at Club-internet. Early 2000s, mostly analog modems, was the beginning of ADSL and a real galley with the ADSL modems in USB. Who remembers the "manta ray" modem from Club-Internet ? Of Dial-Up Networking ?

During my studies, I had the opportunity to launch an activity of computer scientist as freelance. I used to provide IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. It was my student job. But a few months later, faced with the success of my activity, I stopped my studies to dedicate myself fully to this activity.

I no longer practiced computers only as a passion, it was also becoming my job.

My other passion : play and compose music

The computer keyboard was not the only keyboard I used... I always loved playing music... I learned to play several instruments as an autodidact. First, the keyboard, then bass and drums... (My favorite are bass and drums ;-))

My computer skills have helped me to adopt computer-aided music that simplifies the process of creating music. I'm a big fan of Cubase.

Along with my freelance activity, I have followed a musical training of composition and professional arrangement at the Institute of Contemporary Music.