My name is Amaël BERTEAU. I am a Full Stack Senior Developer and Technical Manager.

As software craftsman, I like creating quality IT solutions (scalable, maintainable and sustainable). I'm specialist on .Net Platform (Winform, WPF, ASP.Net MVC, WebAPI), AngularJS, PHP and Java Android.

Follower of agile practices for their iterative, incremental development cycles and their adaptability to change, I also appreciate approaches that facilitate collaboration between technical experts and business experts, such as Domain Driven Design and UML.

I work continuously to improve my knowledge and practices on technical, methodological and organizational aspects.

The purpose of this website is to share my passion for computer science and more particularly software engineering, innovation & entrepreneurship.

This website is an opportunity to expose you the synthesis of my various readings, my reflections, the result of my experiments. You will also find informations about my personal and associative projects. It is not static website and I will frequently update it.

Topics Overview


    • .Net (Winform / WPF / UWP / ASP.Net MVC / WebAPI)
    • AngularJS / TypeScript
    • Android
    • PHP


    • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
    • Command Query Separation (CQS)
    • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Self-Contained System

    Methodology / Project Management

    • Agile approaches
    • Software Craftsmanship
    • DevOps
    • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    • Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)


    • IoT
    • Augmented Reality (Unity3D, ...)
    • Home Automation
    • Drone / Uncrewed vehicle
    • Robotics


    • Lean Innovation
    • Minimum Viable Product

    Why is this website written in English while I'm French ?

    Because English is the "lingua franca" of computer science, I will, in most case, firstly publish in this language. Although many contents will be translated and available in this 2 languages, I will not be able to translate everything. But don't worry dear French readers, I will also publish content in my native language. It will depend on the subject and the audience concerned.